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Congratulations: You’ve got the flu! That might sound like a minor inconvenience, but influenza is no joke. Despite the medical community’s best preventive efforts (including the flu vaccine, which most of us should be getting annually), millions of Americans are sickened, hundreds of thousands of us are hospitalized, and tens of thousands …

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FRIDAY, Jan. 12, 2018 (HealthDay News) — With a severe flu season now widespread across 46 states, do symptoms you or a loved one have pointed to the dreaded illness? Amid the sniffles, coughing and fever, “it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether you have a common cold or the flu,” …

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4 Foods to Eat to Help stop Flu

Healthgreb Story : The best flu-fighting foods When it seems as if everyone around you is coming down with a nasty case of the flu, you know you’ve got to help give your body the best chance at warding off illness. Of course, you’ll be practicing good hand-washing habits, you got your …

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Is It safe to have sex with the flu

The risk of hacking when you are coming with a flu virus. Italy Levi January 31, 2018 Just change the news, and you’ll hear awesome stories about this season’s Flood, in recent years, one of the most recent terrorist attacks has seen in the United States. Also dirty: Flu cases …

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When You Have the Flu What to Eat and Drink?

When you have found flu, then there is only one right remedy and not time, food or drinking which will remove your symptoms from magic. But to make sure you are hydrated and eat nutrition rich nutrition, can help ensure that you do not feel worse than you and help …

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